Dungeons & Dragons Camp

Goblets & Goblins is proud to finally present our Dungeons & Dragons camp for kids aged 10-13 times are 9:00AM-3:00PM from Monday-Friday.

Come explore the many worlds and lore of D&D with the guide of our seasoned Game Master Jessica. Groups will be comprised of a maximum of 6 kids to ensure a dedicated and unique experience. 

Our agenda goes as follows

  • Playing in a campaign and creating their unique character to develop team building and social skills in order to solve puzzles, avoid traps and enjoy a rich and unique story.
  • Break for lunch which will be provided (please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions)
  • 30 minute supervised outside time in front of Newmarket Community Center and Lions hall to practice role playing and character building. (weather permitting) 
  • Providing guidance for the kids to create their own Dungeons & Dragons book with their own unique illustrations for items, characters, monsters, castles, towns etc. That they will all present to the group at the end of the camp and take home with them.
  • Helping them create a unique campaign that they will pilot themselves for the other camp members. Which will include acting out different characters in their campaign, creating puzzles, setting up traps, encounters with baddies, creating a lush and colourful lore and atmosphere for their world and rewards for the players who succeed in their quests.



Spots are limited.

Winter Break Camp 439.95$ 


More information can be found at https://dndcamp.ca/




For any questions please reach out to us at info@dndcamp.ca


Game Master:



Eduactional assistant 

Humber College: Early Childhood Education (2015-2017)


 * Due to the unpredictable nature of lockdowns and restrictions we reserve the right to cancel this camp at any time. If such an event occurs we will refund all deposits and payments *